Saturday, September 6, 2014


I've come to terms with the fact that I will never be a consistent blogger, but there will be times such as now that I force myself to the computer to document Bentlee's cuteness.

She is a talking machine, surprising us with new phrases on a daily basis. Today I heard her say "I think so" while FaceTiming someone. Her personality is so imaginative and funny. The other day she and I were driving home in the afternoon and she suddenly asked, "We go daddy's wok? Pease?" She didn't say anything at first, but a minute later she told me that her baby was sad and when I asked why she said, "Baby wanna go daddy's wok. She sad." I think it was the same day, while also driving, that she suddenly said,  "Mama sop! (stop) Sop mama." I asked why and she replied, "Coz. (cause) My baby's going nigh-night." I glanced back and sure enough her baby doll was lying peacefully on her lap, although I'm not sure why Bentlee thought that required me stopping the car.

Today we were at the store and I wondered out loud if I had everything I needed. She said, "Yeah that's nuff". One of her new favorite words is "almost" (aw-mose) and uses it to respond to me when I ask her if she's done eating, if she's ready to go, etc.

She's got pouting down pat.

I wanted to see what a dress looked like on me and I don't trust mirrors so I had her take a picture of me in the fitting room. Of course, she had to pose for a picture as well.

I try to get her to cuddle me in our bed in the mornings but only a handful of times has she actually fallen back asleep

The only "dress up" she plays is dressing like daddy. I should probably get her some dresses...

She's getting better worse at hide and seek. She's gone from hiding in the place I previously hid, to TELLING me that she's going to hide there. And as always, when you ask "Where's Bentlee?" she answers "I'm right heee-a!" Yesterday she told me to hide in the closet, and then went straight there when it was her turn to hide.

She doesn't go to sleep without at least 2 babies, a stuffed animal, and her "guys" (aka princesses) but we mix up the faces
Clearly she didn't get her reverence from me. but how could I not capture this??  (I actually had her reenact for me the second the prayer and sacrament meeting were over)
Did I mention she's really good at pouting?

And making us laugh?

Dinner is never boring at our house
I had to post these three pictures. Here she's pouting because I decided after sliding down the slide for the 23rd time in the 95 degree weather, that I was ready for a break.
Here she decided that her hat was in the way of her pouty hands so she removed her hat and then her glasses...
Only to fold her arms instead. Oh, how I love her.
We started potty training last week. My life is too busy to be able to stay at home for more than one day at a time, so she hasn't really been tested yet. But so far she's doing a really good job. She was pretty stoked about her princess undies! She debated for a long time between Frozen, Minnie and "Mermaid" and we had to cart back to the underwear aisle a couple times when she changed her mind. She's really digging all of the princesses right now which is funny because she hasn't even seen all of the princess movies.
She takes her Fisher Price princesses with her in the bath, in the car, and to bed. They even watch her eat. She's never without them and I think it's so cute. The other day we drove to Salt Lake and back just to drop something off so she didn't have a break in between and she kept herself entertained the ENTIRE time with her princesses. They "talked" to each other.  It's mostly, "Who you? I'm Punzel, who you? I'm mermaid." Over and over and over.
I'm not sure how the hat fetish started but if this girl spots a hat you can bet it's going on her head. Her her favorite one at home is her Hello Kitty hat that grandpa bought her last year. Today she walked around the house naked (for potty training purposes) wearing only a hat.

She found this swim cap at the store and after I helped her put it on she exlaimed, "I'm Nonan!" Nolan is her 1 year old cousin in Michigan and I have no idea what she meant by that but I was laughing so hard.
It's all I can do sometimes to not pull her out of bed and squeeze her guts out!
This picture pretty much sums up her personality. This morning I made her a fort to play in while I did lashes. When I was done, I found her lying on her stomach, hiding behind her high chair eating m&ms out of a bag that had been left out the night before. She can be so naughty, but it's really hard to discipline during times like this. I have a small bruise under my eye where she hit me and shoved my glasses into my face yesterday, and that wasn't so hard to discipline. Luckily her sense of humor and sweetness outweigh the naughtiness.

Sidenote: I wrote this post months ago but never posted it. The major differences between then and now are that she is fully potty trained other than at night and she no longer needs babies or stuffed animals in bed with her...just her barn full of  "guys". She gets more obsessed with those every minute. Oh, and she has a big girl bed but sleeps better in her crib, so... that's where she's been staying.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bentlee is almost 2!!!

We're having major computer issues 'round here, therefore my blog has been the last thing on my mind. But I HAVE to post Bentlee's two year pictures, and write down some Bentleeisms before I forget.

She has learned the word sorry and sometimes uses it all on her own. A couple different times today she accidentally hurt me by leaning on me too hard and when I said "Ow" she replied quickly with "Sowwy mommy" in the most sincere little voice. I'm not gonna lie, I totally faked getting hurt again just to hear her say it. It's soooo cute. However, the times that she is purposefully naughty like when she HITS HER MOMMY, it takes a little coaxing to get her to apologize.

When she wants to know where something or someone is she asks, "Daddy/mommy/buddy/etc....Whe awwww youu?" That is also THE cutest thing ever. We love it. The other day I wondered out loud where the TV remote was and the next thing I knew my little helper was wandering around the living room asking, "Mote....whe awwwwww youuuu?"

Her favorite time of day is when her beloved men return from work. She lights up and exclaims, "buddy home!" and "daddy home!" And then again, in case I didn't hear her or happen to see them walk right in front of my face she repeats, "Mommy....daddy home!"

When people ask Bentlee how old she's going to be she replies "2" and holds up her two fingers in the "loser" sign. Although today she told someone 9. Those are her 2 very favorite numbers. When people ask her name she also replies, "2". :)

She loves all of our family members and loves going to Grandma and Grandpa's (Bompa and Bompa's) house but she especially looks forward to seeing her cousin Abby and the new Baby Jazz, Wes and Noel's baby. Randomly when our doorbell rings her eyes light up and she asks in a hopeful voice, "Baby Jazz? Abby?" She hides her disappointment well though. She loves all visitors, even my eyelash ladies.

Bentlee has become extremely sensitive in the last couple weeks. When we scold her or tell her no, her hands go up over face and she lets out the most devastating cry. It's almost enough to let her have her way. Almost.

Thanks to her daddy she knows the meaning of the words "gas" and "toot". The other day when we were out running errands I told her that we needed to stop and get gas. For the next five minutes she asked, "Mommy....gas? Mommy....toot?" That was funny because we were within closed doors. What was not so funny was a few days later when we were pulling into a grocery store and I stated that I had to pee. Why I say these things out loud, I don't know- I should have learned my lesson by then.  The whole way into the store Bentlee asked not-so-quietly and in all sorts of inflections, "Mommy pee? Mommy.......pee? Mommy pee! Mommy.........PEE??" I tried shhhing her the whole time which of course only made it worse.

Her Frozen obsession still stands though we've only seen the move once. We listen to some of the songs on YouTube on repeat, however, and the other morning we woke up to her singing "Let it Go" over and over at the top of her lungs. It was great.

Not an hour goes by without us cracking up at something she says or does. She's famous for being naughty and making me want to pull my hair out one minute and making me laugh the next. I know I've said this before, but I will be so sad the day she learns to say certain words the correct way. Right now we are loving the way she says:

Popcorn (pom pom)
Cheese (sheet)
Beans (bean-as)
Toast (toes)
Water (wa-wa)

Without further adieu, here are Bentlee's 2 year pictures by famous Ashley Taylor. I'm in LOVE.(

Oh, and we are REALLY excited because Nana is coming for Bentlee's Elmo party next week!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fourth of July

Just found this that I never finished. Maybe I'll get to my Christmas pictures by next year.

Sooo behind.

I just ordered 500 pictures, which means I went through....I don't even know how many....which shows that I am more behind than I thought. I'm trying to take it one day at a time.

I give you, July 4th.

We started off the day going to our very own Provo parade. Our friend Hank happens to live right on University Ave. which meant we could show up 2 minutes before the parade began with a prime parking AND parade watching spot. We hope he never moves.

That night we went to Stadium of Fire which I'm positive is the best Fourth of July activity ever. It takes place in the BYU football stadium, and every year they have different performers and entertainment. There are usually jets but unfortunately this year they cut back on their budget.This year it was Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen and acrobats from Cirque du Soleil. I wasn't excited about Carly Rae Jepsen, but I didn't hate her. I kind of totally liked her. We went with Wes and Noel and it was so great.

The cell phones added a nice touch